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A blog is an ideal way to get the word out about your business. Many businesses use a blog to keep customers informed, entertainers use blogs to communicate with their fans and photographers use blogs to show off their latest portfolio of work.

The Internet is all about fresh content. As the saying goes “content is king.” To get people to your website, you need something new. To bring them back, you need to keep people talking. A blog can serve both of these purposes. Even if your main site needs to stay static by necessity, your blog can always be changing, and can be a great source of link building too.

Using the simple WordPress interface, you will be able to quickly add, edit or delete posts or news articles on your website. Using a built-in text editor (similar to Microsoft Word) you will be able to write your own content, images and links.

To include a blog within your website, our prices start from £300. However, if you require something more substantial and would like to manage your whole website using WordPress, then our prices start from £1,000.

If you would like to edit your website yourself please phone us on 02477 411 011, email us at contact@designoneforme.com or fill out our enquiry form. Or head on over to our blog for example of what can be achieved.

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