Many companies spend plenty of time and money on perfecting their website copy, optimising every page for those all-important keywords which will help to drive traffic to their site. The only problem is that those keywords can change on a monthly, or even weekly basis.

If you keep an eye on industry trends and do some keyword research you will find that keeping up with what your potential customers are searching for is an almost constant battle. Changing your website copy this regularly is not only laborious, but can also confuse visitors to the site. The easiest way to post regular, industry specific content and help to capture all the search traffic you can is to integrate a blog into your website.

There are so many benefits in using a blog to boost your company’s SEO.

  • Blogs are basically a very simple content management system. They are user-friendly and can be updated in a matter of minutes without the need to liaise with your web design company. Most blog platforms will create SEO friendly .xml sitemaps and meta tags too, so you don’t need to be overly tech savvy for your blog to really make a difference.
  • Writing regular blog posts to focus on popular keywords which relate to your business will see your site rankings improve pretty quickly. Search engines are attracted by fresh content so your site will begin to appear higher in search engine results and you should also notice the traffic to your blog increase.
  • Creating links between your main company website and the company blog is really important. You will find that as blog traffic increases, so will the traffic to your main site so make it easy for visitors to get there with links in the text of every post.
  • Well written, engaging content creates discussion. You should always share your posts through social media accounts and discuss the content with others. This will help to increase brand awareness and hopefully convert to increased sales.
  • A blog gives you the opportunity to comment on events from a wider range of industries rather than being industry specific like your main site. Using data on the behaviour of visitors to your site (for example which links they click on and what search terms brought them to the site) you can get an idea of what your customers are interested in outside of your company’s expertise. This can help give you an idea of how to expand your products and services in the future to suit your customers interests.

Creating and maintaining a regular posting schedule can seem like a daunting task, but keep organised and get staff members to contribute content to make things easier on yourself. Once your company blog is up and running you will wonder how you ever coped without one.

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