Content Management Systems

Putting you back in control of your own website

A content management system helps you keep track of every piece of content on your website. It allows you to update and manage text, images and documents in a simple and effective way.

Do you want a professionally designed website that you can edit yourself? Would you like to save money by updating your website yourself? If so, then a content management system is for you.

We focus on designing functional, visually appealing and search engine optimised content management systems which allow you to regularly update your own website.

Using our simple interface, you will be able to quickly add, edit or delete pages on your website. Each site comes with a built-in editor (a mini version of Microsoft Word) giving you the opportunity to write your own content, style it and also add your images and documents.


"Initially, Matt at Design One For Me designed my web site which has had many compliments. I recently started to use his search engine optimisation service and this has resulted in a number of new clients this year. He has managed to get my company on the first page of Google for the key words and phrases that I challenged him with. This has been a very worthwhile exercise and one which I plan to continue."

Gwynne Richards - Apprise Consulting

"I have been so impressed with what Design One For Me have achieved. There's been such a significant improvement in my search engine ratings in the short space of a few months! I now rank number 1 for 'motorbike leather repairs'. I have had a definite upturn in enquiries, plus I now have a professional looking website that I can be proud of. How reassuring to have a friendly source of help and advice and to know that my website is being managed so efficiently."

Debbie Rodgers - The Leather Workshop

"We were so impressed by all the services we received from Design One For Me we had absolutely no hesitation asking for their search engine optimisation services. They are currently optimising two key phrases, "buy art online" and "sell art online", of which the results speak for themselves. Our site went from page 11 in Google to page 2 in a matter of 2 weeks for these key phrases, which far exceeded any of our expectations."

Sam Evetts - Founder, Phoenix Art Gallery

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