A blog is an ideal way for you to get the word out about your business. Many businesses use a blog to keep customers informed, entertainers use blogs to communicate with their fans and photographers use blogs to show off their latest portfolio of work.

The Internet is all about fresh content. As the saying goes “content is king.” To get people to your website, you need something new. To bring them back, you need to keep people talking. A blog can serve both of these purposes. Even if your main site needs to stay static by necessity, your blog can always be changing, and can be a great source of link building too.

So what are the benefits of blogging?

Search engines love them
A blog needs to be updated regularly to be successful. Blogs provide businesses an excellent opportunity to add fresh content to their websites on a regular basis. Successful updating of content would bring search engine spiders to your website frequently resulting in a higher ranking within a search engine. Search engines rank websites with blogs higher than sites without a blog. Each plog post is like a news article – it contains relevant and current information. Ideally, you should be posting several times a week.

A blog can grow with your business
Because a blog is work in progress, you can change your strategy as time goes on. When your marketing plans change, your blog posts can follow suit.

Your blog can be optimised for search engines
A blog and blog post can be optimised for specific keywords / keyphrases.  When your marketing plans change, you can change your keywords to reflect the new content in your posts. These changes will eventually be reflected in the search engines and users will find your post based on what they search for.

Simple to set up and easy to maintain
Creating a blog post is easy. It’s almost as easy as writing an email. All you have to do is log in to your blog, create a new post, start typing and publish it.

You can delegate responsibility
Blogging can be a team effort. For example, if you run a marketing department, you can start the ball rolling. Once your blog has gathered momentum, you can assign responsibilities to other members and control their permissions.

To conclude, there are many advantages to a blog. It can be optimised for search engines who love them, it can grow with your business, they are simple to setup and maintain and you can delegate responsibility.

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